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Glory Lifts & Engineering is the pioneer Lift brand in Bangladesh since 2020. We are importing top-class Lifts Fuji, Fuji-CN, Fuji-HD, Sigma, Sunny, and Equivalent under Glory Lifts & Engineering. The generator is also the pioneer Generator company in our country since 2020 with Two Types of Generators, Perkins and Ricardo.

By these criteria, the Glory Lifts, and Glory Generator are the most trustworthy solutions in Bangladesh. We think of our customers as our partners. And that’s why we respect the deal.

Glory Lifts & Engineering comes up with the commitment that none other has dared to offer before nor can conceive to match now. With every supply comes the guarantee of keeping elevators in operation twenty-four hours a day, every month, round the year, and years and years of continuous operation. Backed by a comprehensive spare parts inventory, our team of experts is equipped with mobile phones to attend to any complaints round the clock.

The company has in its capacity an integrated team of highly competent personnel with decades of experience from among the pioneers of the elevator companies to offer services based on excellence and customer satisfaction.

Today’s Glory Lifts & Engineering is proud to be at the forefront of the industry and has established a reputation for the design and manufacture, sales and marketing, supply and maintain all kinds of lifts and escalators, and generators.

We also offer yearly maintenance contracts for elevators and generators of any and all brands other than our own. Modernization and replacement of any kind of lift technology are also undertaken by us. So that older elevators operate with the newest technology and maintenance cost is brought down to the lowest possible.